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The vision of FTTH 2.0. By Dr Bernard Lee

Source: apb-news.com
July 15, 2014, 

Asia-Pacific shall remain the most dynamic FTTH market for many years to come and is expected to break the 100 million homes connect barrier before the end of this year.

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Asia-Pacific will have 100m FTTH homes by year-end

Source: totaltele.com
June 20, 2014, 

FTTH Council Asia Pacific's new president says the region's fibre connections are growing fast, but operators still face some 'real-world challenges'.

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The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific will celebrate Gimme Fiber Day with the goal of having FTTH connectivity reach to “500Million by 2020” in Asia-Pacific. FTTH Council Asia-Pacific would like to encourage submission of statements and videos from government, regulators, service providers, solution providers and the users on the benefits of FTTH, fiber connectivity and its impact on the society, the region and the world. We would like to share your views through our website and social media.

We believe that the Gimme Fiber Day initiative will encourage all to achieve a target of “500Million by 2020” FTTH subscribers in Asia-Pacific. FTTH Council Asia-Pacific will be hosting its Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in April, 2014.

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FTTH Council Asia-Pacific: Gimme Fiber Day, November 4.

India Press Release: Gimme Fiber Day, November 4.


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The FTTH Council will spread the news through printed t-shirts!  FTTH members and advocates will become human billboards. Shirts will message ‘Keep Calm and Lay Fibre’. Our message is clear: If you want a fiber connection, make your intentions known!


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2013 India Seminar

With the growing advent of bandwidth intensive services, the need for high speed networks to deliver the same has grown exponentially.

Gone are the days of twisted copper wires struggling to deliver 12 Mbps speeds to consumers staring at buffering screens.

Telecom networks have now upgraded to optic fiber and are revolutionizing the customer experience. Optic fiber was hitherto confined to long trunk routes and for enterprise users. However, technological advances and the galloping need for speed have brought fiber into the homes of urban consumers.

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