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Council Committees

Membership Committee

Provide a process that encourages the growth of membership.

 yoshaiki 1
Yoshiaki Miyajima
Company: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Location: Japan
 frank 1
Fouad (Frank) Jaffer

Company: Senko Advanced Components
Location: Australia

Technology and Standards Committee

Promote the awareness and business implication of active system, passive components and deployment techniques of FTTH network

 Fatin Ahmed Norfatimah Ahmad Daman Huri

Company: Advanced Network Solutions Sdn Bhd
Location: Malaysia
Andrew Deed
Company: Chorus
Location: New Zealand

Market Intelligence Committee

Provide common understanding of the customer segments and their requirement; and to promote the markets development through communication.

Shoichi Hanatani

Company: Hitachi, Ltd.
Location: Japan

Planning, Communication and Events Committee

Plan and coordinate all general membership activities such as meetings and conferences. Also coordinate active and proactive public relation.

Anil Pande

Company: Dura-Line India Private Limited
Location: India

Education & Training Committee

Promote the FTTH Council APAC as a trusted & impartial central source for knowledge, facts, education and perspectives on FTTH

 MH Picture
Michael Hansen

Company: Chorus
Location: New Zealand
Victoria Ong

Company: Kumpulan Abex Sdn Bhd
Location: Malaysia

Applications and Solutions Committee

Promote gigabit fiber access in Asia as a necessary infrastructure for cloud computing and next-generation applications; accelerate cloud computing adoption

 peter final
Peter Macaulay

Company: ZDSL.com
Location: Malaysia


Emblem Committee

Provide a controlled recognition and evaluation system to inform the market of  the FTTH status of the infrastructure in a building development and  keep a record of this status.

Steve Foster

Company: Emtelle Asia Pacific
Location: Malaysia